Turn Off the Lights and Light a Kindle....

I had attended book events in the south, east, and west but hadn’t been to my hometown. Although I haven’t lived there in years, Saint Louis is and will always be home. Anytime I want to celebrate something, home is the first place I think of doing it.

So, some friends of mine said why no do a lil book thing in Saint Louis. Not a common book signing because those are being done and done well but you know a lil something to celebrate your author career. I said cool, lets’ do it. So we did. I called up Marlee Rae and said hey you want to come along and sell some books? She said yes! Two girls from Riverview representing Saint Louis in Contemporary Romance.

We found an amazing venue in a great location. The Exodus gallery.

We found an amazing band…my God brother just happened to play the bass (no he’s not a Bluette.) Love Jones the Band

We found an amazing decorator and my friends prepared the food.

We put on our grown and sexy attire and had a great evening.

Shout out to the women of the BAWSE Collective for working together! i.am.BAWSE

Shout to Jos Renee for spending the weekend with me and manning my table.

A very special thank you to Derrick our amazing photographer. His card is below call him up and book your event!

And to everyone who attended and showed so much love, THANK YOU!!!

Bailey West