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Blue’s Beauty

Bluette Men Series Book One

Roman 'Blue' Bluette falls in love with a woman. He plans on spending the rest of his life with this woman but circumstances prevent that from happening. He settles on being alone for the rest of his life and focuses his energy on other things until he meets her.
She is an unconventional woman in the sense that she loves girly things like pretty clothes and manicures but she is also just a comfortable hanging out with the guys, arguing about sports and riding motorcycles. She believes in love but her encounters with it so far have left much to be desired. She wants someone to love her and to take care of her. She almost considers settling for one or the other until she meets him.
Can they love each other through their brokenness to find true happiness?
**This book is part of a series but it is a standalone novel. No cliffhangers.***

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Ezekiel’s Passion

Bluette men series book two

“I’m not looking for a main chick, side chick, wife or baby momma. I’m not even looking for a friend. I’m an eternal bachelor.” Ezekiel lived by those words until one simple word changed his life… “up."

Zora had experienced hurt and disappointment. She was not looking to alter her life to be in a relationship. She was determined that a man would not change her mind but maybe a boy would…


Paxton’s Peace

Bluette men series book three

Paxton Bluette, the middle Bluette brother, has been in the background of his family’s lives, watching and protecting. He is now looking for Love. Will he find it in Olivia Callahan? If he does, can he hold on and make it work?
From small-town beginnings to the highest levels of education, Olivia Callahan has fought through debilitating circumstances to achieve success. Can she continue to excel and find love at the same time or is she too damaged from her past to make it work?
In this final installment of the Bluette Brother Series, Paxton, the most elusive brother, is stepping out of his brothers' shadow to give readers a glimpse into his mind and his life.

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Serving Time

A Bailey West Novel

Samuel Valentine is one of the country’s most prolific litigators and manages a successful law firm. His priorities are growing his business, building a legacy and taking care of his family. His life was closed off from people outside his circle until a case forces him to call on the help of an outsider.
Averie Patterson excelled in law school, was granted a clerkship with a Supreme Court Justice then opened her own law firm. She is passionate about helping women overcome legal obstacles. 
Averie is put into the path of the one person who doesn’t want her help. Can they co-exist? 

This is part one of a two book story.
**WARNING** It ends in a cliffhanger.


Free Indeed


The events at the end of Serving Time have thrust all the characters into chaos. Everyone will have decisions to make and paths to choose.
Follow along as each decision leads to another in the conclusion to Serving Time…Free Indeed.

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Inn Love

Lessons in Love book three

The great thing about losing something is, if you retrace your steps, a lot of the time, you can find it…
Charlene Kearns spent her teenage years planning a future with the person she would spend the rest of her life with. She dreamed of the day their plans would become their reality. Then she heard those dreaded words: “It’s not you, it’s me.”
Wesley Philips, all-American baseball talent soared through the ranks of his college team, got drafted to a Major League Baseball team and left his life in his hometown of Ragston behind.
WestFalls High School fifteen-year class reunion puts these high school sweethearts back in the same city where they have to face some harsh truths, deal with a hurtful past and find a way to move forward.
Can they move forward together?

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“He cheated…now what?”Is the question that Keeva Abernathy keeps asking herself. After finding out that her husband of fifteen years slept with someone else, Keeva’s life is turned upside down. Everything she thought she knew was now being called into question. How can she trust the process when it seems that all the cards are stacked against her?When Kerem met Keeva, he knew she was it for him. He’d found the woman he would spend the rest of his life loving. Then he met “Her” and now his perfect house of cards was falling down around him. Can he trust the process will work in his favor when he is responsible for causing the damage?