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Bailey West! Amazing! This book was so good. I have been diligently looking on Amazon for new books by this author, so you can't imagine how excited I was when I saw this book. Samuel and Vee were well developed characters, they represent the strong, beautiful, intelligent characters I love to read about in African American romances. I read the entire Bluette series so it was good to see some of those characters appear in this series. The ending had me going for a second, and I was relieved to see where the continuation would begin. Bailey, can't wait for part two, please don't take too long.

Serving Time: The Valentine Law Series Book one

/  Will Dix  /


How does one overcome tragedy, heartbreak, heartache and despair? In Roman's case all he needed was a word. This book takes you on an incredible journey of healing, restoration, and love. I absolutely loved the journey. I loved the journey and chemistry between Roman and Zanetta. This was a wonderful debut for this author and I look forward to seeing what she has coming next.

Blue's Beauty: Bluette Men Series Book one)

/  Mrs. Stewart  /


I loved this book!! Zora and Zeke's journey was beautiful to witness. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them and their little man BJ. I didn't think anyone could top my love for Roman but Zeke inserted himself into my heart as well.This book was a great addition to the series. Not to be greedy, but I'm so looking forward to Paxton's story as well.

Ezekiel's Passion: Bluette Men Series Book Two

/  V Cole  /


This third novel in the series was so worth the wait! Bailey outdid herself! I love that she explored themes like communication, clarity, forgiveness and being content. This novel is not only inspiring but it also has some great love scenes LOL. The Bluette men are a prototype of what a Christian man should be, upstanding, honorable, integral but most importantly true to themselves. Well done Bailey!

Paxton's Peace: Bluette Men Series Book three

/  Purple Haired Doctor  /